WordPress Web Design

We love WordPress and you will too! WordPress offers professional design with a full-fledged content management system (CMS), impressive scalability to infinite customization using widgets and plugins. WordPress is an excellent choice for a robust and flexible choice that powers some of the Internet’s best websites. WordPress is constantly evolving and new add-on programs, called plugins, are constantly being built to enhance the software. Our experience and knowledge of the WordPress plugin library enables us to customize your website and meet your needs without having to reinvent the wheel.

WordPress even offers a user friendly password protected administration area that is easy to learn for even the most novice of users.

If you are still deciding on the best platform for your website, consider Techcrunch, The New Yorker and BBC America all use WordPress as the engines for their publishing platforms.

What is Responsive Design?

Responsive website design intuitively knows what screen size the user is using and adjusts content and page elements accordingly. Your customers could be using a PC, tablet or smartphone and your website will respond intelligently to fit their screen size.

Improve Traffic By Improving Design!

Three reasons why you need a resp0nsive website…

Responsive Websites

Mobile usage is exploding
This may come as a surprise to some but Google confirmed in 2015 that mobile searches have exceeded desktop searches for the first time.

Positive user experience is a must
According to Google’s Think Insights on mobile, if a user lands on your mobile website and if they have a positive experience, a user is 67% more likely to buy a product or use a service.

Responsive design is preferred for SEO
Google prefers responsive web design over mobile templates. Having one single URL makes it easier for Google bot to crawl your site. Your responsive website will rank higher in search results than your competitors non-responsive website!